Compensating Thermal Enclosure



High Temperature Compensating Thermal Enclosure

CeeVeeTech compensators and themal enclosures measure the temperature of a liquid or solid source precursor  and adjust flow or pressure so that the mass flow to the deposition process remains highly constant.


CeeVeeTech high resolution temperature sensors are directly inserted in the precursor liquid through a thermal access port in the bubbler/ampoule. The resolution of the temperature sensors is  50 mK.


CeeVeeTech compensators receive the setpoint that is sent to the source MFC or PC. They compensate this setpoint for the temperature deviation before passing it along to the MFC or PC. This insures that the vapor concentration is stable throughout the deposition process.


Analog and Devicenet interfaces are available.


CeeVeeTech compensators and sources datalog all source data. Setpoints, temperature and control signals are recorded. CeeVeeTech compensators and sources feature multiple point high precision sensors with miniature form factor for insertion into the thermal access port. 



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