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CeeVeeTech was founded on the idea that Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition processes can achieve better yield and higher quality of the product by measuring the temperature of the precursor. CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal enclosures measure the ever-present difference between nominal and actual temperature and provide a more precise, more safe and higher functional thermal environment .


CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal enclosures can be installed in all CVD and ALD tools and instantly enhance performance.  Interfacing with any CVD and ALD tool is seamless.


In 2021 CeeVeeTech has been awarded the first of a series of patents that cover CeeVeeTech's unique way to enhance the performance of CVD and ALD sources, in particular solid sources.


CeeVeeTech has partnered with Innovent Technologies which has a long history of  building high quality systems and assemblies for the semiconductor industry.


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